The Military Museum Scotland opened in 2017.

Offering a fascinating insight into Scotland's military past.

Open to the public six days a week from 10.00 - 16.00 Tuesday - Sunday,

The Military Museum Scotland is a museum with a difference. In Most museums the displays are behind glass  and out of reach, but here at Military Museum Scotland, the artefacts are out on display, and many can be handled.

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The museum has indoor and outdoor displays, it has a cafe and a gift shop, and it is wheelchair accessible. We also have facilities for less abled visitors. We cover Military History from WWI to the present day. Our education programme is unique to Military Museum Scotland.

The museum will always continue to develop, expand and rotate displays frequently. So much so that if you visited monthly, you will always notice something new. The Primary aim of Military Museum Scotland is education and reminiscence, from Primary school to Old aged pensioners, we cater for everyone.

 We operate a veterans drop in centre every Wednesday, and plan a breakfast club the on Last Sunday of the month. The reminiscence factor for veterans is second to none. We charge a small entry fee, this helps to cover our costs of staying open.

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